What is High Altitude Ballooning*?

Title: High Altitude Ballooning with APRS and Cross-Band Repeaters: Expanding Radio Coverage for Enhanced Tracking and Communication Introduction: High altitude ballooning is an exhilarating hobby that involves launching balloons equipped with various payloads into the atmosphere. To enable real-time tracking and enhance communication capabilities, enthusiasts utilize the Automatic Packet Reporting System (APRS) in conjunction with […]


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Mars Yard 2.5 Shoe Toss (MYST)

Scheduled Launch – 23 May – 11:00a Central (1600Z)Groesbeck TX to Frost TXMax Altitude estimate: 96,200′Flight Time 2 hours 10 minutesRange 43 miles Updates from the chase via Instagram BUJWTracking via ARPS 144.390 W3ARD-11 BalloonW3ARD-9 Chase carW4IPA-9 Chase car NOTAM!FTW 05/600 ZFW AIRSPACE UNMANNED FREE BALLOON ACT094036 (7NM SW LXY) SFC-UNL NWB TO 100000FT 2105231600-2105231830

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