HAB Flight – This morning – Oct 21

At the moment, the flight is back on. We have removed a few components. We are still flying a cross band repeater. We are still flying APRS. We are not trying to stop at 80,000. This object has been eliminated. Payload should reach over 95,000ft and might make 100,000ft before burst and return. Still planning […]


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Greetings and 73 from W3ARD

This post is a very quick placeholder in anticipation of a high-altitude balloon launch Sunday 21 October ~10:00am local time over central-Texas. The experiment (for me and my team) is to autonomously halt the ascent of the balloon between 75,000-85,000 ft and establish a loiter period of ~20 minutes before descending back down to ground […]

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Starduster II – Flight recap, in photos

Hello and welcome to starduster.info

This website was set up in October of 2014 for the original Kickstarter backed Starduster project. This time around, my primary focus has been to update Starduster II backers exclusively through the Kickstarter portal. Now, with the success of flight number two, and the attention gained from a Waco Tribune Herald article, I will go copy updates and backdate the posts to document and catch you up on the planning, launch, and any future updates for this launch.

For now, enjoy this gallery of hand-picked photos from our 2016 launch completed on Saturday November, 26th.

For questions or comments, please email my non-work address, Josh_Ward@me.com or comment below. Stay tuned as we get this site updated over the next few days and please consider subscribing to this site to be notified of future posts or public presentations.

Thank you. -J

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