HAB Flight – This morning – Oct 21

At the moment, the flight is back on. We have removed a few components.
We are still flying a cross band repeater. We are still flying APRS.
We are not trying to stop at 80,000. This object has been eliminated.
Payload should reach over 95,000ft and might make 100,000ft before burst and return.
Still planning 10:00am launch in vicinity of Gatesville. Recovering near Mart.
Roughly 80-85 minute climb. The higher into the climb, the wider the radio footprint. Meaning 10:30a-11:15a is prime repeater time. Maximum radio footprint could be 360-380 mile radius, centered on Waco from 11:00-11:20a.
Follow APRS.fi (W3ARD-11) for updated altitude.
Praying APRS and voice radios hold together.
If anyone records the downlink frequency from home QTH. Email me.
If anyone makes a two-way QSO please email me.
I’d like to document and maybe create a special QSL card in a few weeks.

73 W3ARD


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