Update #1 – Thank You

To all Backers, We are over halfway to funding!

This is just a quick note to express my appreciation for all of you backing the project so far.

I know some of you personally/professionally and I am glad you are coming along for the ride.

To those of you that I don’t know but are contributing to this project, I would like to send a HUGE ‘Thank You’.

Please feel free to send me questions and I’ll try to answer back through the project FAQs.

Please feel free to tell your friends about the project and get them excited and on board too.

Unfortunately, due to strict weight restrictions, I don’t know that we can send much up in the payload to offer as incentives. My hope is that digital photos, videos and detailed descriptions of the planning and execution are exciting enough.

Once we secure funding for the project, any extra would go towards better equipment (more reliable payload recovery) and additional launches for better and more varied photos and videos.

Thank you, again.


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