Update #8 – HD video of my freezer… for science (alt title: Leggo my Eggo)

This is an update you can skip.

But for those of you that care… here is a 1 minute video of my freezer in full 1080 HD at 60 frames per second. A 64GB MicroSD card SHOULD give us room for 4.5 hours of video at this resolution. The ‘extreme’ cold of the freezer seriously degrades the battery life. At one point I checked the camera 2 hours into filming and you could watch the minutes of estimated battery life tick down by the second.

A few things to note. The payload will start at outdoor ambient temperature and will cool at approx 3 degrees per 1000ft of altitude. The cameras and GPS won’t be subjected to freezing and subfreezing temperatures for the whole duration of the flight. They will also be mostly housed in a styrofoam container and will probably be packed with chemical hand-warmers.

This also serves as a good test for the offloading and processing of video. Sorry it’s not action and adventure. We can’t all parachute into a volcano while riding a skateboard. For now, it’s a freezer and a clock… but soon [near]Space!



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