Update #11 – Funding Sucess – Thank you.

A quick note. Not even an update.

What a day… In case you didn’t know, the project closed an hour ago for funding and we hit 169% of the initial goal. You guys are amazing. Thank you.

My Kickstarter dashboard says we hit over 28% of our initial funding goal today alone. Whoa.

To those who came on board in the last 36 hours, please go back and review the project updates. We’ve had fun testing some proof-of-concept stuff. Some of it’s geeky but I promised to be transparent about the whole process/project. At some point I might even talk about the Kickstarter funding from my side of the console. I like it.

I’m offering up some previews of what the ‘Art Department’ has been working on. Please say flattering things; the ‘Art Department’ is unpaid.

Scienceing - alt design
Scienceing – alt design

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