Update #13 – Cameras ordered and shipping – starduster.info

Good Evening,

Cameras got ordered this weekend and they are shipping from the east coast as we speak. I will give them a long overnight charge when they arrive and then do a baseline battery test at indoor temperatures to see how long the extended batteries are going to last. Then I’ll do another long overnight charge and set up one more in-freezer test.

I’m VERY pleased with the battery life of the SPOT GPS tracker. I’m on the same set of 4x batteries that shipped in the box and I’ve been running it back and forth to work and other destinations in town. It’s accumulated over 20 hours of tracking at 5 minute increments over 7-10 days and it still reports battery status as ‘Good’.


There are 4-5 project backers that did not get registered in time OR they handed me cash/personal check. There also was a pledge level that tied this project into two local school groups. I needed a way to get these Kickstarter updates out to non-backer-backers so I registered a URL and tied a free WordPress blog to it. (Ask me about this process sometime. It’s cool and only costs $15-20)


Feel free to share this link with friends and family so others can follow along. The site is a work in progress and I’m literally just copying these posts over to the more public link. Copying this post over to that site is going to be kind of self-referential and very meta.

I’ll see myself out now. Night.


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