Update #29 – Delivering content – Update 2 of 2

Sorry for the delay. I had to set up a box.com account to accommodate the 60GB raw HD videos.

The GoPros chunk them into 12 minute, ~2.1GB files. There is a ‘down’ and and ‘out’ camera plus a few still shots pre-launch.

Let me know what you think. It’s been a blast to go through this with you. THANK YOU again and again for helping me realize this dream.

Access to photos and videos are available to all kickstarter backers first.

If you are interested in access to photos and videos, or if you have any questions about this particular balloon launch, please contact me at: Josh_Ward@me.com

I’m happy to forward the link, I would just like to know who is getting access outside the Kickstarter backers.



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