Final Video – School/Civic talks begining soon

Good Afternoon, All,

It’s been a very busy week of ‘real life’ and I haven’t had a chance to post any updates. Please see the YouTube link below for the ‘final’ best-of recap of the entire flight. I was able to use some of the backer funds to pay an editor to produce a < 3 minute video suitable for public talks on the project and for those of you not wanting to sit through all 5 hours of footage.

I think he did a great job of combining angles from all 3 cameras and telling the story from launch to landing.

You’re welcome to point people to the YouTube clip OR I’ve included a 650MB and a 6GB download in the web/cloud storage.

I’ve got a busy speaking tour lined up. I’ve spent about an hour with 5-6 of the local backers giving a 1-on-1 recap of launch day and now it’s time to honor some of promises to K-12 groups and a few civic organizations that have asked. I have 5 talks over the next 30 days scheduled already.

I will use a number of tools but I’m experimenting with a non-PowerPoint option called HaikuDeck.


One thought on “Final Video – School/Civic talks begining soon

  1. What is your speaking schedule and where? Is there a time next week when we might be able to link up where I can show you my APRS and radio beacon? Any ideas on future launches?


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