Strong Start – Thank you

This is a quick thank you to everyone backing the project so far.  24 hours and 60% funded is a GREAT place to be.

To friends and family that we know, thank you.
To new friends from all over the globe, ‘Welcome and thank you’ for taking part in this adventure with us.

Just so everyone knows, we are targeting a late November 2016 launch with LOTS of updates between now and then. We need to complete funding and work around the fact that 3-4 project members are senior college engineering students that still need to study and focus on finals in early December etc (I’m a husband and dad and I have a day job so I’ll be juggling my own schedule) BUT we will get this done and we should have some awesome deliverables; video, photos, data-set with multiple points of data for you to play with if you want. Part of what you are supporting and paying for is frequent updates on our testing and planning leading to the eventual launch.
Plan on 1-2 updates per week once we get out of the funding phase and we get into testing and building. Feel free to reach out to us with suggestions, contacts and humor. We enjoy having an audience and we hope this project is contagious and you get inspired to tackle your own project/science/hobby/dream.


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