Launch Day – Early update

This is probably the last update before launch. I will shift live updating to some of these other methods below. This is a one-sheet I created for local amateur radios folks in the area.  We’ll report back later!

Starduster II
High-altitude balloon photography, data collection, APRS and experimental repeater payload
Kaymont 1500gr balloon (helium) – 4x GoPro – Repeater – APRS – 7 sensor Arduino data suite

Launch (proposed) Saturday 26 November 2016 – 1600Z/10:00am Central – no go after 12:00p

Comanche County/City Airport – Comanche, Texas – (N31.914, W98.599)

Balloon Flight Prediction
Range: 210.5km, Flight Time: 2hr17

APRS Starduster payload tracking – WA5BU-11 – 144.390

Back up GPS-based tracking – SPOT Gen3 – reporting below 30k feet only

Starduster II – Repeater Payload
Up: 146.540MHz
CTCSS: 123.0 Hz
Down: 445.550MHz

Balloon Chase (voice)- 147.555 simplex
APRS chase vehicle (Pat) – KK5KN-9
APRS chase vehicle (Jacob) – N5WON-9
Chase routing – Hwy 36 to Gatesville – Hwy 84 to Waco – Loop 340 – Hwy 77 or Hwy 6 to Hwy 7

NOTAM issued- !MKN 11/003 MKN AIRSPACE UNMANNED FREE BALLOON BWD077018 (1NM E MKN) SFC- 104000FT SEB 1611261600-161126183


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