T-14 Days

On behalf of myself and the Baylor Amateur Radio Club I am happy to report that we have set a date and we are targeting a balloon launch on Saturday November 26th. Some details on APRS tracking and payload/repeater frequencies will be released ahead of time, but the launch location and precise time will be […]

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A Very Past-due Update

Greetings and ‘Good Evening’ to all backers, On behalf of the entire team, I am very sorry for the length of time since the last update.  Part of our promise was an attempt to update backers weekly and the latest gap is entirely on me. We got hit with a combination of mid-terms for the […]

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Data Collection Milestone 1

Hey everyone, here’s another quick update for you! I spent some time yesterday adding in the barometric sensor to the shield, refining and testing the code, and then doing a data collection test by driving around for an hour. At the current point in time, I feel that I can call this “Milestone 1”. So […]

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