Update #16 – GoPro video and software test

A VERY quick update.

Here is a link to a video taken from my car on the drive to work this morning. A twenty minute trip is compressed into two minutes at 1024x times playback speed. For the balloon flight, I’ll compress the whole trip into a 2-3 minute video highlighting the important points and I wanted to see how that workflow would work. I’ll also publish the ‘entire’ flight in real-time but I doubt anybody wants to see the whole trip (whistles: A Three Hour Tour).

Two or three things to notice:

-No Audio. Accelerating video playback speed in the GoPro rendering software drops all audio. (it’s deafening wind-noise anyway)

-Color/sharpness change drastically at 1:13 into the clip. The GoPro splits a long recording into ~12 minute segments. The first ‘chunk’ I ran the exposure brighter, color was saturated and sharpness was a little over-driven. When I ran the second ‘chunk’ of video up against the first, there is a noticeable drop back to the native capture settings.

-A good bit of detail is lost in the HD playback with time accelerated. Capturing at 60 frames per second and then running playback at 1024x speed really muddies things up. I’ll upload a :30 clip later at 1x in full HD so you can compare the two.


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